Budding partnership between Michael Morgan and Valentine Holmes bodes well for North Queensland Cowboys


“I feel really comfortable with him out there,” skipper Morgan said.

“We’ve got a good relationship off the field and I think sometimes that transfers to on the field as well.

“You don’t need to plan too much for things to come off but we’ve been working since December when Val got back so it’s something that hopefully we can keep building on.”

Despite his year out of the game Holmes showed he’d lost none of his touch or pace in the 22-14 defeat.

Morgan said the club hadn’t put too much pressure on their star recruit, who in return had worked hard to get back to peak fitness.

“He was doing all the hand-eye coordination over there in the US – it wasn’t like he wasn’t touching the footy so I don’t think he lost too much.

Valentine Holmes takes on the Storm at Casey Fields in Melbourne.Credit:Getty

“He’s certainly worked hard since he’s been back so you can’t think it’s just happened easy for him; it’s a credit to how hard he’s worked.

“But also he’s a real student of the game – he does his review stuff on his own games and from training so it hasn’t just happened.”

The 2015 premiers finished third-last last season with a 9-15 record but Morgan said the addition of ex-Shark Holmes had brought confidence to the team.

“He is an exciting player and you can give him the ball in space and he can create something from that and it’s been a while since we’ve had that in our team.

“He’s a handy pick-up for us and I’m glad to have him.”


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