Adam Treloar not ruling out playing round one despite hamstring injury

“I am not going to lie at all, I don’t know anything at the moment so I will go back and chat to the doctor and see what’s going on.”

With 18 days until Collingwood play the Western Bulldogs in round one, Treloar said he was hopeful the injury was just a run-of-the-mill strain, which usually takes around three weeks to heal. Depending on how rehabilitation progresses, playing against the Bulldogs will be a race.

Adam Treloar is hopeful he can play round one. Credit:AAP

“From all my testing my strength is there, everything is there,” he said.

“There’s no real spot where you can push on and there’s pain because that’s generally when you know you have done something pretty bad, you can feel a spot there and it hurts.

“I don’t have any of that so like I said I don’t really know anything at the moment, I will go back and chat to the doctor


“I was running at full speed then diving to take that grab. I have watched the vision and I hop back up pretty quickly so I mustn’t have really felt it until I backpedalled and stopped … which is pretty good because it wasn’t like last time where I couldn’t get up or walk around or anything so I am really positive about it, I don’t think there is too much there to be honest.

“First thing you think is the worst, always, but I sort of knew I remember in that split second when I last did it I couldn’t really stand up.

“Yeah absolutely [it isn’t the end of the world to miss round one]. I have got a baby due in three weeks … it is not the end of the world at all, mate.”


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