Hamish Blake shows off his cheeky 40th birthday present for his wife Zoe

Allow us to explain.

Hamish was one of the guests on Channel 10’s Hughesy, We Have A Problem last night, and he told the other panellists that he had a problem of his own.

“It’s my wife’s 40th birthday,” he said. “It’s coming up in July.

“She’s said, ‘I don’t want a present’, which is a trap,” the comedian joked. “I know I need a showstopper as a 40th birthday present.”

Zoe Foster Blake turns 40 on July 28. Picture: AAP Image/Dan PeledSource:AAP

Hamish said that one option he was considering was writing a song for his wife Zoe.

“I can’t play guitar but I was going to secretly learn some chords on guitar and write a song,” he said.

But that idea was quickly shot down by the other panellists, Julia Morris, Anne Edmonds and Meshel Laurie, who all felt it wasn’t special enough.

And that’s when Hughesy piped up with a suggestion.

“Last year when we were on radio together … you were talking about the possibility of getting a tattoo for your wife,” the host said.

“I did say that, off air,” Hamish replied.

Hughesy then surprised Hamish by bringing a tattoo artist out on stage.

“No time like the present,” Hughesy said to Hamish. “You are going to get a tattoo for your wife.”

As the crowd went wild, Hamish quickly succumbed to peer pressure and said he’d do it.

He strolled over to the tattooist, dropped his pants and said: “I think the tasteful thing to do, (would be to get) a ‘Z’ and a love heart on the arse.”

Hamish Blake got a tattoo on Hughesy, We Have A Problem.

Hamish Blake got a tattoo on Hughesy, We Have A Problem.Source:Channel 10

Hamish’s tiny new tatt.

Hamish’s tiny new tatt.Source:Channel 10

The tattooist wasted no time and immediately started working away on Hamish’s bum, as the comedian stared down the barrel of the camera and delivered a heartfelt message to his wife: “This was on the cards to get you for your 40th. I wouldn’t be damaging my body if I didn’t love you. You gave your body for the children, I helped a little bit, so it’s the least I can do to show my love for the love of my life.”

Later this week Hamish (and his new tattoo) are set to return to the podcasting world with a new episode of the hugely popular Hamish & Andy launching on PodcastOne on Thursday.

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