Canberra Raiders star Curtis Scott’s playing future decision to be made this week by Todd Greenberg

Scott played in the Raiders’ trial match against the Bulldogs on Saturday night, unsure whether he will get another chance to pull on the Canberra jersey before his case is done and dusted.

Scott was allegedly pepper-sprayed, Tasered and handcuffed after falling asleep under a tree at Moore Park after a drunken night out with friends at the Ivy nightclub.

Police allege Scott threw a mobile phone at a passing car in Paddington before assaulting two police officers. The defence case is set to rely heavily on four separate body-worn cameras by the four police officers involved in the incident, which Greenberg has now viewed in full.

“[Greenberg] certainly got my view of things,” Macedone said. “I’ve put that across nicely and politely, but he has to form his own view.”

Macedone took over the case on the request of Raiders chief executive Don Furner, following Scott’s split with outspoken lawyer Danny Eid.


“I’m adopting the subtle approach and not going for the throat,” Macedone said. “I am just here to resolve something peacefully. You don’t get anywhere by jumping up and down.”

If stood down under the NRL’s “no-fault” policy by chief executive Todd Greenberg, who reviewed the body-cam footage worn by police last week, Macedone will attempt to get Scott’s hearing date expedited to before the NRL season start. Scott’s next court date currently sits at March 20, a week after the Raiders season opener on March 13.

As a condition of his bail, Scott not allowed to consume alcohol or be intoxicated in a public place.

“I’ll be applying for the expedited hearing so we can get this thing out of the road,” Macedone said.


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