A film clip featuring MAFS’ Drew Brauer singing about ‘kick ons’ is doing the rounds online

Though for intruder groom Drew Brauer, 31, we only had to look back a few months to dig up an eye-opening glimpse into his lifestyle.

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An unearthed film clip from Drew’s singing career sees the musician rap-singing an ode to “kick ons” while parading around a house party in a giant onesie.

The reality star released the party anthem and film clip in 2018, and some of the lyrics are somewhat eyebrow-raising.

‘We’ll stay on for the kick-ons,’ the MAFS star sings in a strong Aussie accent. Picture: YouTube.Source:YouTube

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“It’s nice to meet the twins,” Drew – or “Drewboy” – sings at one point.

“Yay, big boobies for the win, please let this lady in so we can rub them on our chins, yum yum.”

He continues: “We’re all cooked like a Coles chook, trying to cop a cheap look, goddamn I’m glad you’re not my mum.”

Drew wanders around the party in a ripped muscle shirt for some of the clip. Picture: YouTube.

Drew wanders around the party in a ripped muscle shirt for some of the clip. Picture: YouTube.Source:YouTube

The chorus – which is admittedly quite catchy – features the lyrics: “We’re all kicking on/The weekend’s almost gone/Yeah let’s go crazy … Let’s get lit like neon.”

Feast your eyes and ears below:

Drew entered the experiment in Monday night’s episode, where he was paired with former Hollywood dancer and fellow aspiring singer KC Osborne.

In 2013, KC released the techno song Learn To Fly, which was recorded in LA.

KC and Drew have already been dubbed one of the most genetically blessed couples in MAFS history.

A former dancer for the Pussycat Dolls famed burlesque show, KC, 31 certainly turned heads on social media last night.

The two appeared to hit it off at their wedding, despite KC being slightly rattled upon hearing Drew has a female housemate.

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