Channel 7 reporter describes assault by 13-year-old boy

“Personal post alert: at 4am Monday as I walked to my live location in the Bris CBD I was approached, harassed and inappropriately touched by a teen,” Ms Stone wrote on Twitter on Friday night.

“Tonight the offender was caught. He’s (13) and apologetic. I really hope he learns from this.”

Her message was one of thanks to Queensland Police, for taking appropriate action against her young offender.

Ms Stone, who is the Queensland correspondent for breakfast TV show Sunrise, received an overwhelming reaction on Twitter shortly after posting.

“No one deserves that,” commented one Twitter user.

Another added: “Completely unacceptable behaviour, this stuff shouldn’t happen …”

Commenters were also concerned about the teen’s circumstances, with one writing “What was a 14 year old doing on the streets at 4.00am?”

Ms Stone also thanked QLD Police for quickly tracking down the offender. Picture: InstagramSource:Instagram

Ms Stone assured commenters she was “fine” and said there was “there’s no resentment” on her end.

“Hopefully this young fellow got a fright from police and changes his ways,” she told one person who expressed sympathy.

“I’d rather he learn from it and move on than get any sort of notoriety out of it,” she told The Courier-Mail.

Queensland Police confirmed that the offender, aged 13, was being dealt with under the Youth Justice Act.


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