Betts was initially selected to play for Victoria

Tom Hawkins – born in Finley, NSW – also played for Vic Metro as a junior but will be in a similar boat on Friday night, playing for the All Stars.

Betts has been reunited with former Crows teammate and fellow goalsneak Charlie Cameron, also in the 27-man All Stars team. Cameron, 25, kicked 57 goals last year to earn All-Australian selection with Betts suggesting the sky was the limit for the Brisbane Lions gun.

“I said before if he keeps improving and playing the way he is, he’s going to be the best small forward that ever played this game,” Betts said.

“I think he’s going to take control now. He’s an All-Australian small forward, he’ll come and say ‘listen Ed, get out of my way it’s my show now’.

“He makes me so proud to see what he’s achieved so far.”


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