Vile cockroach infestation caught on video

Nuflow Technologies, a Gold Coast-based pip repair franchise, warned residents that the recent heavy rain and flooding has brought an onslaught of creepy crawlies into drains and pipes.

The company revealed that the wet weather means thousands of cockroaches and mosquitoes are taking refuge in residential water systems and if pipes are cracked or disjointed it means they can find their way into homes a lot easier.

The video shows hundreds of roaches running through the pipe. Picture: Nuflow TechnologiesSource:Supplied

A video taken inside a drain system connected to a Gold Coast home shows the pipe full of hundreds of cockroaches.

When heavy rain or flooding occurs it can push rubbish into our waterways, attracting large numbers of bugs into the drainage systems looking for food.

General Manager of Nuflow, James Tighe said it is important for homeowners to ensure pipes are inspected regularly and free from defects to prevent insects from making an unexpected visit.

“Even small cracks or holes in residential pipes can create an access passage for all sorts of bugs, and the last thing people want to deal with after all this rain and flooding is a few extra visitors in their kitchens or bathrooms,” he said.

The video has served as a warning to homeowners. Picture: Nuflow Technologies

The video has served as a warning to homeowners. Picture: Nuflow TechnologiesSource:Supplied

“The benefit of Nuflow’s revolutionary technology means we can structurally repair many types of water and sewerage pipes, not only limiting bug access but ensuring water is flowing at its maximum efficiency.”

Nuflow has more than 40 franchises across Australia and New Zealand and undertakes a range of residential, commercial and industrial projects.


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