Third of young adults steal office toilet paper due to cost

According to a recent survey conducted by eBay, many young Aussies are either going without everyday essentials – or resorting to taking them from work, friends and family as they grapple with the cost of “adulting”.

The study found young people typically spend a whopping $910 more than they originally planned to set themselves up when it comes time to move out of the family home.

That large upfront sum means when Australians first leave the nest, they are living without furniture and homewares for more than six months on average.

But while the cost of moving causes financial strain, the ongoing cost of running a household hits the hardest.

More than one-third take household items from work or a public place due to the cost, while a huge 70 per cent of Aussies stock their cupboards with items “borrowed” from family members.

Almost a quarter of Aussies who have recently moved out of home confessed to waiting for “as long as possible” to replace items when they run out due to cost, and 88 per cent of the young adult population will stock up on household items when there’s a deal to save as much money as possible.

Have you ever swiped an office loo roll? Picture: iStockSource:istock

South Australia is the savviest state with 93 per cent stocking up during promotions and 38 per cent admitting to only replacing their household items when they are on sale.

The data also reveals we’re a nation of thieves – and while germaphobes might not approve of the gross habit, more than a third admitted to swiping office toilet paper, with 34 per cent stealing tea and coffee from work and 24 per cent helping themselves to bin bags.

Men are more likely to “borrow” household items from their friends, while 75 per cent of people aged 18-24 admit to taking items from family members.

And 58 per cent of Aussies who recently moved out of home said they were taken by surprise by the cost of everyday living when they first started purchasing items themselves, with household cleaning products, laundry detergent and fabric softener and razors the biggest offenders.

Unsurprisingly, 40 per cent of Aussies reveal they resent purchasing toilet paper, sanitary products and household cleaning products the most, while 78 per cent said during lean times they will “make do” with what’s at hand, such as using toilet paper as paper towels.

“Moving out of home can be costly due to the upfront expenses and purchasing of everyday items,” eBay Australia’s Sophie Onikul said.

“Once you factor in furniture and homewares, as well as the cost of cleaning products, toiletries and keeping your pantry stocked, you can understand why 50 per cent of young people are still living with their parents.”

Ms Onikul said online shopping could help budget-conscious young people, and that

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