Free meningococcal vaccine period ends Feb 29

A vaccine for meningococcal B is available for free for young adults until this weekend.

Victims of the disease have urged Australians to get the vaccine if they haven’t already done so.

Jay Dohnt was a teenager when he took a day off school with a cold, which turned into a months-long battle for his life.

He told Nine News he lost both his legs and part of his arm, and had been given just a three per cent chance of survival.

“It’s a devastating disease, and I know that first-hand,” he said. “The risk of death is real, and the risk of disability is real.”

Jay Dohnt was a teenager when he got meningococcal, losing both his legs and part of his arm. Source: Channel 9Source:Channel 9

February 29 is the last day the virus will be free in SA. From Sunday, only children aged under one and school students in Year 10 will still be eligible.

Prices for the vaccine can be as much as $500.


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