Bump gives Marley Williams a nervous wait

Western Bulldogs’ utility Ed Richards is resting at home after a bump from North Melbourne’s Marley Williams saw him concussed and taken to hospital on Friday night for monitoring.

The 20-year-old Richards was later discharged however it is unclear when he will be cleared to train again with clubs having to follow a strict concussion protocol that means they need to be free of symptoms five days before a game to be considered for selection.

Match review officer Michael Christian is certain to assess the incident on Monday after Williams elected to bump and made high, front-on contact with Richards who went low at the last minute as he attempted to soccer the ball.

If Williams was offered a suspension it would be served in round one of the AFL season with the Kangaroos scheduled to play St Kilda at Marvel Stadium.

Heavy hit: Bulldog Ed Richards (right) and Marley Williams.Credit:Getty Images


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