Explosive MAFS fight we didn’t get to see

A furious Mikey stormed out of the room after finding out his “wife” had been joking behind his back to another couple that he lasted “10 seconds” in the bedroom, declaring that he was ready to dump her and quit the experiment.

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From the way we saw it all go down, the tension seemed to go from zero to a hundred within seconds. But in an interview with news.com.au, Mikey revealed the truth behind the explosive scene.

According to him, the drama had been building since the first commitment ceremony, during which the couple had a huge fight that never made it to air.

“At that first ceremony, we had a full-on blow-up,” he told news.com.au.

“She said I wasn’t putting in anything into the relationship, and I said she expects way too much and I was really struggling and didn’t want to be in it.”

It all started to go downhill after the wedding, according to Mikey.Source:Channel 9

In fact, Mikey said the pair had been fighting since the honeymoon, and he’d threatened producers with leaving on several occasions.

“We were not getting along, they’re just not showing it – I even ran away after the honeymoon,” Mikey said.

“I didn’t really like her. I kept saying I needed my space, but she just doesn’t have any spatial awareness.”

Despite the turbulent circumstances, he was convinced to stay on in the experiment.

“I just kept saying, ‘I’ve had enough, I don’t like this, I don’t want to be part of this,’ on the honeymoon, and I told producers it wasn’t going to work,” Mikey said.

“But they basically convinced me to try and make it work and give it a chance.”

However, he said his concerns were founded after being warned about Natasha by other contestants at the dinner party.

“They (other couples) were coming around to me when she wasn’t there and they’re like, ‘Mikey, she’s over the top, she’s the one who’s got the problem’ – they were confirming everything I felt.”

Mikey claims other contestants warned him to get out of the relationship.

Mikey claims other contestants warned him to get out of the relationship.Source:Channel 9

Mikey added that he felt “uncomfortable” about her behaviour.

“She was very forward in terms of sex, she’d joke all the time on and off camera about sleeping with me,” he said.

“I even said to Ivan, ‘imagine if this was the other way around?’ She was just really pushy and made me feel uncomfortable.”

Before Mikey found out about Natasha’s “10 second” comment last night, he claimed a conversation had occurred between himself and four other contestants which never made it to air.

“It was Michael, Chris, Vanessa and Stacey – and they were all just coming at me saying, ‘You need to drop her,’” he said.

“The truth about it is, I was upset about (her comment) later because everyone had already sat me down, basically told me that she was the issue, and then on top of that I hear she’s going around talking about our sexual intimacy to someone I don’t even like.

“I was just like – ‘f**k this sh*t.”

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