Ex-Victorian Liberal Party director Simon Frost avoids court referral over polling day posters

Former Victorian Liberal party director Simon Frost will not be sent to Australia’s highest court over controversial polling day posters.

Mr Frost authorised Chinese-language ads in the Melbourne seats of Kooyong and Chisholm, which when translated said the “correct” way to vote was to put the Liberals first in the 2019 federal election.

Polling day signs in Chinese instructing voters to put a 1 next to the Liberal Party in the electorate of Chisholm.

The Federal Court sitting as the Court of Disputed Returns in December found the purple and white signs, designed to look like they came from the independent Australian Electoral Commission, were misleading or deceptive.

It dismissed a challenge to the election of the Liberal’s Chisholm candidate, Gladys Liu, and re-election of federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, finding there was “no real chance” the corflutes could have affected the results in the two seats.


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