MAFS spokesperson reveals why Poppy was allowed to quit

Typically couples on the Channel 9 reality show are allowed to leave only if they both write “leave” during the commitment ceremonies.

“If one person wants to stay while the other wants to leave, then that couple must stay in the experiment until the next commitment ceremony,” MAFS expert John Aiken explained in an episode last year.

But that rule was seemingly thrown out the window in last night’s episode when Poppy quit the show because she found it too difficult being away from her two children.

The decision to let Poppy leave confused fans of the show.

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Another person who was confused by Poppy’s exit from the show was 2019 MAFS alumni, Mick Gould, who was matched with Jessika Power.

The farmer from Gympie told today that during his appearance on the show he was told by producers he could only leave the show during a commitment ceremony and that quitting was not an option.

“I’m surprised,” Mick told when he heard Poppy was allowed to walk away from the show. “I thought we were in until we both wrote ‘leave’.”

Mick tried several times to end his relationship with Jessika last season by writing “leave” during the commitment ceremonies, but he had to remain on the show because Jess wrote “stay”.

It was later revealed by Jess she wanted to stay on the show so she could secretly start a romance with fellow contestant Dan Webb.

Poppy and Luke on their wedding day. Picture: Channel 9Source:News Corp Australia

Mick and Jess didn't hit it off on MAFS.

Mick and Jess didn’t hit it off on MAFS.Source:Instagram

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Mick told today that it’s possible MAFS producer’s decided to let Poppy quit because they didn’t think her storyline was very entertaining.

“He (Luke) must be pretty boring, seriously, otherwise they’d keep her (Poppy) in,” Mick said. “Jess was playing up like a second-hand lawnmower and they kept it in for the story … but I don’t think they see much of a future story-wise (for Luke and Poppy).”

But according to an Endemol Shine spokesperson, Mick’s theory is wrong.

So how did they explain the fact that Poppy was allowed to quit outside of a commitment ceremony?

“The experiment is structured to give every couple the best opportunity for their relationship to develop,” an Endemol Shine spokesperson told today. “However, there are times that couples need to leave outside of the commitment ceremony for various reasons and we would not make anyone stay against their will.

“This is also not the first time a couple has left the experiment outside of a commitment ceremony.”

Married At First Sight continues tonight at 7.30pm on Channel 9

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