Channel 9 releases statement after MAFS star’s furious claims

“We have seen Poppy’s post and note her distress,” Channel 9 and Endemol Shine wrote in a statement to “We have reached out to her to offer support and won’t be making any further public comment and will focus on doing our best to support both Poppy and Luke.”

Married At First Sight’s Luke Eglin with his bride Poppy Jennings. Picture: Channel 9Source:News Corp Australia

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Earlier today, Poppy claimed on Facebook that she wasn’t allowed to reveal “what was happening behind the scenes” that resulted in her quitting the show.

Viewers saw Poppy walk out on the reality program and her TV husband Luke in last night’s episode.

It was suggested in the episode that Poppy quit because she was missing her two young kids, but in a Facebook post today she hinted there was more to the story.

“I haven’t watched the show, I refuse to,” Poppy wrote on Facebook.

In terms of how she was being portrayed on the program, Poppy wrote: “I couldn’t say what was happening behind the scenes, so let’s just play her ugly crying and whinging over her kids.

“F**k, I’d probably hate me too!” she wrote. “From what I heard that’s all they play of me!”

Luke and Poppy are out of the experiment.

Luke and Poppy are out of the experiment.Source:Channel 9

In the Facebook post, Poppy accused her husband Luke of being “fake on camera” and alleged he was “drilled by his bosses beforehand about how he had to behave” on the show.

“You have seen minutes of footage here and there of a guy on his best behaviour because of his job,” Poppy wrote.

She wrote that she was “uncomfortable with all the things about this person (Luke) I was matched with that didn’t add up”.

“Why is Luke crying when I left?” Poppy wrote. “What really happened that he was crying over! You don’t know because I wasn’t allowed to say!

“It’s not what you see, it’s what you don’t see! Go and ask Luke.”

Poppy wrote that she had received an avalanche of hate on social media since last night’s episode aired.

“I’m obviously being hammered by media and trolls right now,” she wrote on Facebook.

“I understand people are reacting to what they see on TV but they see 1% of what actually goes on in the show. A commitment ceremony for example goes for 15 hours, you see one hour. Our honeymoon was 4 days, they showed 6 minutes!”

Luke Eglin and Poppy Jennings on their wedding day. Picture: Channel 9

Luke Eglin and Poppy Jennings on their wedding day. Picture: Channel 9Source:News Corp Australia

Poppy ended the post by writing: “I’m not some whingeing little weak person that is going to be silenced. I’m standing up for the f***ing truth.”

After Poppy’s dramatic exit from the show last night, some fans expressed their surprise that a contestant was allowed to quit as easily as she did.

Typically, couples on the Channel 9 reality show are only allowed to leave if they both write “leave” during the commitment ceremonies. There was no commitment ceremony in last night’s episode.

In response to the confusion, an Endemol Shine spokesperson told today: “The experiment is structured to give every couple the best opportunity for their relationship to develop. However, there are times that couples need to leave outside of the commitment ceremony for various reasons and we would not make anyone stay against their will.

“This is also not the first time a couple has left the experiment outside of a commitment ceremony.”

Married At First Sight continues tonight on Channel 9 at 7.30pm

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