Survivor shock: ‘Complete and utter blindside’

Earlier, a tribe swap mixed the season’s players up for the first time, meaning new alliances could form. Shonee and Zach, banished to Exile Beach at the last tribal council, both returned to the game — and Shonee had a score to settle.

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“Top of my priority list is getting revenge on Abbey. She’s all about physical strength, but … that doesn’t work for my game. Time to send her packing,” she said.

The feeling was mutual, with physical threats and close friends Abbey and Lydia both gunning for Shonee: “She’s by far the weakest link in our tribe. She’s gotta go,” said Abbey.

“She’s a cat with nine lives. She’s on the chopping block, she plays an idol. She’s on the chopping block, she’s sent to Exile Beach, she comes back. She needs to go.”

But at tribal council, Abbey told a very different story about Shonee.

Shonee’s got surprising staying power in this game.Source:Channel 10

“I’m actually really stoked that she was able to come back into the game,” she insisted, as Shonee raised an eyebrow.

It was a close tribal council, with Shonee, Lydia and even Mat all getting votes — but in the end, it was Abbey’s four votes that sent her packing.

“What the f**k?” Lydia whispered as her closest ally was eliminated — and Abbey herself seemed just as shocked:

Abbey realises she's going home.

Abbey realises she’s going home.Source:Channel 10

“I have absolutely no bloody idea what just happened,” Abbey said after her eviction.

“A complete and utter blindside.”

Survivor: All-Stars continues 7:30pm Tuesday on Ten.

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