Landslide, boulders cause road chaos in NSW

The Snowy Mountains Highway is closed in both directions after the landslide on Brown Mountain on Saturday, with no forecast on when it will reopen.

The incident was reported at around 4:25pm Saturday afternoon with motorists advised to avoid the area as heavy machinery would be required.

Pictures of the highway show two large boulders that have become dislodged and are blocking access on both lanes.

The road closures are just west of Bemboka on the Snowy Mountains Highway that connects Canberra to the far south coast.

Heavy rainfall is believed to be the cause of the landslide with the Bureau of Meteorology reporting that the nearby township of Bemboka has received 2.8mm of rain since 9am yesterday.

Live Traffic NSW has told commuters to avoid the highway as there is no forecast on when the rocks will be removed.

“Work to remove the boulders will resume later today,” said Live Traffic on their website.


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