GWS Giants player Brittany Tully returns after break for financial reasons

When softball was yanked from the Olympics two years after after the 2008 Games, a young Brittany Tully was suddenly at a loss as to where he sports career was headed. At just 16 years of age, the now Giants AFLW player had put all her childhood efforts into the sport she loved.

“It was pretty hard … at that stage but we were all in the midst of a good [softball] program, an access program in Canberra, and it got all shut down when it was taken out of the Olympics, which was difficult for us,” Tully said. “We all kind of chose to go another path and find something else to do at that point … we had no funding to keep it going.”

Brittany Tully in action in round one against Gold Coast.Credit:AAP

It was a setback for Tully, who decided to continue with the sport despite in no longer being an Olympic prospect unlike others in the team. It wasn’t until 2016 when Tully finally put down the softball to try something new.

“I got drafted and then it was choice between playing football or playing softball,” she said. “At that stage, not being an Olympic sport or having anywhere to go, I sat out of [softball] and went for footy.”


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