Backstreet Boy’s X-rated on stage confession

This week, the Backstreet Boys reunited on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, where they were grilled about some of their most scandalous moments from their glory days. During one particularly steamy moment, singer Nick Carter admitted that he once got an unexpected erection on stage – an incident that couldn’t have made the group’s complicated choreography easy.

The Backstreet Boys performing in 2018 – including Carter (centre). Picture: Nicholas Hunt/Getty ImagesSource:Getty Images

While some WWHL guests shy away from revealing their embarrassing secrets, the Backstreet Boys were all in during Tuesday night’s round of “Dish in the Dark”.

“If I know my viewers, I would guess that two-thirds of them have fantasised about having a scandalous moment in the dark with a Backstreet Boy. And the other one-third is probably just lying,” said Cohen as he introduced the game.

“I’m going to dim the lights. Here’s some flashlights for each of you. I’m going to give you some ‘Never Have I Ever’-type scenarios from your time together. If you’ve done that thing, tell us by shining your flashlight on your mug and singing, ‘Yeaaaaah.’”

The band was huge in the ‘90s and early 2000s. Picture: AP/Leslie/Mazoch

The band was huge in the ‘90s and early 2000s. Picture: AP/Leslie/MazochSource:AP

It didn’t take long for things to start heating up. Cohen’s first question went unanswered – how is it possible that none of them have ever been caught hooking up in the green room? – but he struck gold with the second.

“Have you ever unexpectedly gotten a boner onstage?” asked the TV host. Carter’s face lit up, and he quietly sang, “Yeaaah.”

Surprisingly, Cohen didn’t press him on the topic.

The Backstreet Boys also went on to reveal whether they’ve had sex to their own music (AJ McLean and Howie Dorough admitted to that one), forgotten choreography mid-performance (all of them), and pulled a fan onstage solely because they were hot (again, all of them).

Watch the full clip of the Backstreet Boys playing “Dish in the Dark” below.

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