MAFS star Hayley hits back at shocking claims from her TV hubby

Hayley, who has been open about the fact she was a drug addict for eight years in the past, told Daily Mail Australia that she was drug tested before joining the show and twice during filming.

“The executive producer gave me drug tests and a full blood test, all of which came back negative,” Hayley said.

Hayley Vernon and David Cannon on their wedding day.Source:Channel 9

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The MAFS contestant decided to speak out after a her TV husband, David Cannon, made a series of shocking claims in a video which was obtained by New Idea.

In the video, which David filmed in his hotel room in Singapore while on their honeymoon last year, David slammed Hayley and claimed she still had drug issues.

“Her idea of being a reformed drug addict is her turning around and saying: ‘I don’t do any hard drugs any more’, so that tells me that she still smokes weed at least,” David said in the video. “Then she said, ‘I don’t mind having a cheeky line every now and then.’

“That’s somebody that’s still a drug addict,” he said.

David also made it clear in the video he was not impressed with the MAFS experts for matching him with Hayley.

“I am looking forward to taking the experts to task when I see them,” he said. “Matched me with a drug addict, f***ing smoker that’s f***ing tall. It’s just bizarre that they think that was a person that I would fall in love with.”

Hayley Vernon and David Cannon are no longer together.

Hayley Vernon and David Cannon are no longer together.Source:Channel 9

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When speaking to Daily Mail Australia, Hayley dismissed David’s comments, saying, “(David) is a man whose ego is damaged and he’s clutching at straws.”

Hayley opened up about her drug use last week on MAFS, admitting that she was kicked out of home when she was 17 due to her substance abuse.

“My teenage years were probably a little bit rougher than most … I was abusing several substances,” she said on the Channel 9 program.

“This was all I knew for about for about eight or nine years, it’s actually the worst thing in the world, it’s crippling.”

Hayley managed to kick her drug addiction by hitting the gym after some encouragement from a bodybuilder online.

“I started following a lady on Instagram and she was a bodybuilder and she said, ‘Oh, Hails you’re at this point of your life if you’ve got nothing to lose, pack a bag, come to Queensland, come train and let’s turn your life around.’”

And that’s exactly what she did.

“I started training,” Hayley said. “It gave me direction, it gave me purpose, it gave me focus and slowly, the pieces of the puzzle and people that I love came back into my life.”

Hayley Vernon and David Cannon share their first, and possibly their last, kiss.

Hayley Vernon and David Cannon share their first, and possibly their last, kiss.Source:Channel 9

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