Kochie from Sunrise calls Hollywood star ‘a d**k’

Kochie and Samantha Armytage appeared on KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O this morning and spoke about Kruger clashing with another red carpet reporter as they both attempted to get a chat with Brad Pitt on Monday.

“Who was that bloke that tried to elbow in on her (Kruger)?” Kochie asked Armytage on radio.

“Mario Lopez,” replied Armytage.

Sonia Kruger on the Oscars red carpet.Source:Instagram

Mario Lopez. Picture: John Locher/AP

Mario Lopez. Picture: John Locher/APSource:AP

Lopez, who rose to fame on Saved By The Bell and now hosts Access Hollywood, was positioned next to Kruger on the red carpet and tried to steal Pitt away from the Channel 7 star as she began her interview with the actor.

“He’s a d**k!” Kochie said bluntly about Lopez on KIIS FM.

Kruger held her own on the red carpet and successfully navigated Pitt away from Lopez.

“She put the shoulder down,” Kochie said on the radio. “Looked like she’d elbowed him in the cods.” (A slang term for male genitalia.)

The story reminded Kyle of an incident many years ago when Jackie O “assaulted” a European reporter on a red carpet overseas.

“When we were on the carpet at the MTV awards in Spain … I was getting people but the guy from MTV Russia, with his big camera, was trying to muscle in on my interviews,” Jackie O said.

“I’d been doing red carpets for a while so I wasn’t going to take any sh*t from anyone trying to steal our interviews.”

Kyle and Jackie O.

Kyle and Jackie O.Source:Supplied

Samantha Armytage and David Koch.

Samantha Armytage and David Koch.Source:Supplied

So what did Jackie O do?

“I went and pulled the cord out of his camera!” the radio star said.

“He’s like an Eastern Bloc killer in a leather jacket,” Kyle added. “He turns around (and says), ‘Don’t touch my camera!’

“I was horrified,” he said.

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