MAFS contestant confirms she was engaged to Rebels bikie

Stacey Hampton, who tied the knot with Michael Goonan in last night’s episode of the Channel 9 reality show, used to be in a relationship with bikie Shane Michael Smith.

They had two children together before splitting in 2017.

“We met when I was very young, fell in love quickly and then tried to make it work for the kids,” Hampton told Daily Mail Australia.

“It was a civil break-up. He’s an amazing dad and I have no regrets.”

Stacey is one of the MAFS brides.Source:Channel 9

A member of the Rebels MC. Picture: AAP Image/Dean Lewins

A member of the Rebels MC. Picture: AAP Image/Dean LewinsSource:AAP

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Not long after they broke up, Smith, who is a patched member of the Rebels, was involved in a brawl at a nightclub in Bendigo.

It was claimed Smith hit two security guards in the head when a fight inside the club spilt onto the footpath outside the venue, according to the Bendigo Advertiser.

Smith later plead guilty to two charges of unlawful assault as a result of the incident and was fined $3500 and banned from entering the Bendigo CBD between the hours of 10pm and 6am for 12 months.

Stacey was slammed on social media after last night’s MAFS episode for seemingly showing no interest in her husband, Michael, until her friend googled Michael and discovered he was wealthy.

Michael and Stacey were married on MAFS last night.

Michael and Stacey were married on MAFS last night.Source:Instagram

Speaking to Nova’s Fitzy and Wippa this morning, Stacey said she received a harsh edit and was willing to give Michael a chance before her friend googled her new husband.

Stacey also hinted that perhaps the whole googling incident was set up by producers.

“No one in the reception had a phone, so I find it really bizarre that my friend happened to have a phone,” she said on Nova. “That was a bit weird.”

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