Jason Alexander discusses his iconic ‘Marine Biologist’ monologue

The famed season 5 episode “Marine Biologist”, in which George dramatically describes wading into the ocean to rescue a whale after pretending to be a marine biologist to an old flame, has long remained a fan-favourite.

Speaking on Triple M drive show Kennedy Molloy this afternoon, Alexander revealed the ridiculous monologue almost didn’t even happen.

It was last-minute addition to the final scenes of the episode, and was delivered after no rehearsal.

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Seinfeld’s Marine Biologist episode is iconic for a number of reasons – but mainly George’s monologue. Picture: YouTube.Source:YouTube

“One of my favourite scenes ever is that you were a marine biologist and the amazing soliloquy that you say in the diner,” Jane Kennedy, who co-hosts Kennedy Molloy with Mick Molloy said, prompting all three to say in unison: “The sea was angry”, amid laughter.

“The sea was angry that day,” it began. Picture: YouTube.

“The sea was angry that day,” it began. Picture: YouTube.Source:YouTube

Alexander, who is in Australia touring Master Of His Domain to mark 30 years since Seinfeld first appeared on our screens, then launched into the story behind the scene.

“Up until the day of, there was a different ending and it wasn’t that,” he said.

“We did the scene as written and (Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David) had a little pow wow, and Larry came up to me and said ‘how long can you learn a monologue?’ and I said ‘how long is the monologue?’, and he said ‘a page’, and I said, ‘about 3-4 minutes.’

“He wrote this thing and it was brilliant. We never rehearsed it because the audience was already there, we did it once for the cameras but the audience couldn’t see it, then they pulled the curtain away and we did it one time in front of the audience.”

You can see the full diner monologue below:

In an extras segment at the end of season five, Jerry Seinfeld himself even said he considers the episode to be one of his favourites.

And it’s partly thanks to a last-minute stroke of genius.

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