Indigenous Australians barred from constitutional reform in Morrison government’s leaked rules to First Australians advisory group

Indigenous Australians Minister Ken Wyatt has set an ambitious deadline of October this year to “test options” for a voice to Parliament, in parallel with a separate process to consider constitutional recognition for First Australians.


The peak advisory group on the voice includes indigenous leaders such as Tom Calma, Marcia Langton, Mick Gooda, Noel Pearson and Galarrwuy Yunupingu, but the group also has non-indigenous members such as journalist Chris Kenny.

Members of the group were given the rules last week in a series of confidential documents that declared it “out of scope” for them to make recommendations on constitutional recognition, including the timing of a referendum or the question to be put to Australians.

The rules also barred “making recommendations through this co-design process on the establishment of a Makarrata Commission, agreement making, treaty and truth-telling”.


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