Alleged murderer had ‘no reason to kill’

Tuhirangi-Thomas Tahiata, 28, has pleaded not guilty to Cory Breton and Iuliana Triscaru’s murders in January 2016 after their decomposing bodies were found in a large metal box at Scrubby Creek, south of Brisbane.

“I’ve no f***in’ reason to kill someone. All I wanna do is just f***in’, save up for a house, f***in’ pay it off, that’s it. Live happy. Get stoned,” Mr Tahiata told Detective Nicole Tunks in a police interview played at his Brisbane Supreme Court trial today.

A court sketch of murder accused Tuhirangi-Thomas Tahiata. Picture: Michael FelixSource:AAP

Yesterday, a neighbour told the court she heard loud suspicious banging from the inside of a toolbox before it was dumped in a lagoon with the two inside.

Jahquita Rewa Mareikura Halbert told the Brisbane Supreme Court on Monday she heard banging from a toolbox on the back of a ute in the unit complex.

“As the ute slowly drove out of the carport the noise from the toolbox, banging, was getting louder and louder,” she said.

“Weird banging … I was suspicious.”

Iuliana Triscaru and Cory Breton.

Iuliana Triscaru and Cory Breton.Source:Supplied

Prosecutor David Meredith has previously told the trial Mr Tahiata’s green Toyota Hilux ute was used to transport the toolbox with Cory Breton and Iuliana Triscaru still alive inside to the waterway beside the Logan Motorway.

Ms Halbert described seeing the same ute on January 24, the day the pair disappeared.

“It had a bullbar on it with a teddy,” she said.

Earlier, Mr Meredith told the jury that after Mr Tahiata helped load the toolbox on his ute, he and a man named Trent Thrupp drove to the nearby creek.

Mr Tahiata allegedly then helped carry the box to the shore as Mr Breton and Ms Triscaru screamed for help from within.

Police retrieve a metal box from a dam near Kingston. Picture: Jono Searle

Police retrieve a metal box from a dam near Kingston. Picture: Jono SearleSource:News Corp Australia

Mr Thrupp then pushed the toolbox into the water but it didn’t immediately sink, Mr Meredith told the court.

He said Mr Tahiata then handed Mr Thrupp a hammer so he could punch holes into the side of the box.

The trial continues.


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