Producer reveals the big secret all reality stars should know

Jana Hocking, who worked behind the scenes on The Bachelor, appeared on’s Not Here To Make Friends podcast this week. While discussing Married At First Sight with co-hosts James Weir and Carla Bignasca, she let slip a big mistake some contestants make.

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“I have one tip, should you ever enter a reality show: Fake it!” she said. “Don’t say, ‘I am petrified of spiders’. They’re going to put you in a room full of spiders!”

Last week, we saw MAFS producers put Poppy in a hot-air balloon after she revealed she was terrified of heights.

On the podcast, the panel also discussed the wedding dresses being worn at the MAFS ceremonies when Jana revealed another pro tip.

“Always say, ‘I don’t care about my dress’, then producers will put you in a fitted dress. If you say that you really care about your dress, they’ll put you in an ill-fitting, disgusting dress and then say, ‘You look amazing!’. Spoiler! You don’t,” she said.

Jana Hocking, Carla Bignasca and James Weir stream live on the Not Here To Make Friends podcast.Source:Facebook

The former producer also revealed she had been asked to appear as a contestant on this year’s series of the controversial social experiment.

“My old boss works on the show, he knows my exact opposite type (of guy) — and they would match me with that!” she said. “And I cannot be matched with that! I think I’m a lovely person until I go on a bad date. My face gives away everything. I would’ve been the biggest bitch.”

Fifteen thousand Aussies applied to be on the Channel 9 juggernaut this year, with only 20 selected to appear.

Later on in the podcast, the panel also heard from a bisexual man who was almost cast on this year’s series before being rejected.

The Not Here To Make Friends podcast is streamed on Facebook Live every Sunday and Wednesday night after MAFS and available to download as a podcast.

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