Tips for going back to study while continuing to work full-time

There are a range of reasons why people might decide to return to study while holding down a full-time job. But, quite often, it’s because people need to maintain a healthy income while they pursue
an opportunity to boost their career.

Balancing study with a full-time job is a tricky task, and no doubt risky if you don’t get it right. But there are plenty of advantages to making it work if you can – aside from keeping an income. For example, you won’t have to jump off the career ladder, you have an opportunity to apply your learnings to real-life working scenarios, and you could even use your experiences at work to advance
your studies.

Jay Munro is head of career insights at Indeed.

Having a plan for how you will manage your work and study together is critical to avoid ending up in
a lose-lose scenario. For example, failing to perform in your classes could mean repeating parts of
your course while you might also drop the ball on your productivity at work (giving you some serious
questions to answer at your next performance review).

One of the first things you should do to set yourself up for success is to let your employer know what
you’ve decided to do. Unbeknown to you, there are many things your employer might be willing to
do that could help your efforts – especially if the course will benefit your role – such as offering
flexible working hours, additional leave and more flexibility around assessment time.


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