Second coronavirus evacuation to be sent to Northern Territory

“We will before using a mining camp facility in the Northern Territory near Darwin and we are working through the consultation with the local community and others about the implementation of those arrangements.”


Mr Morrison said he had spoken to the Northern Territory’s Chief Minister, Michael Gunner, about the arrangement.

Australians trapped in Hubei province have now begun making plans to make their way to the airport to board the emergency flight. While still subject to final approval by the Chinese government, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has scheduled the flight to leave just around midnight on Friday evening local time.

Australians who have been approved for the flight have been told by DFAT this could be the last plane load of assisted departures by the Australian government.

Mr Morrison reiterated calls for Australians who are still in China, including outside of Hubei province, to consider leaving as Qantas prepares for its commercial flights from Shanghai and Beijing to cease on Sunday.

“If you are there, then there are still commercial flights coming out of mainland China to Australia and I strongly suggest you avail yourself of those,” he said.

“The government cannot guarantee that similar types of assisted flights would be able to be put on in the future either into the mainland or Wuhan.”

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases globally has hit 28,261, and the death toll has reached 565.

Fifteen cases have been confirmed in Australia, including three people who have recovered.

Those on the flight will be quarantined for 14 days, along with the more than 270 evacuees already on Christmas Island.

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