GWS Giants ready despite Amanda Farrugia’s late withdrawal

“We did our best to convince her that there were other options and possibilities she might consider,” McConnell said. “But one of the things that’s made Amanda the player she is, and the person she is, is that she has strong opinions and she knows what she wants out of life and so we move on.”

The side has elected Alicia Eva to take over as captain. McConnell said the decision to elect Eva, who has previously served as vice-captain, as their new skipper was not made lightly and was made after “over a month” of consultation with players and authority figures within the club.

The Giants start their 2020 season on Saturday, where they play their first game against newcomers Gold Coast Suns.

McConnell that despite being a fresh team the Giants have insight as to how many of the Suns play, and will be using their knowledge to get an edge over their opponents.

“They’ve actually got two girls playing for them who’ve actually played for us,” he said. “So we have a fair bit of insight into a number of their players.”

“But that said, their game style is something we are a little bit blind of.”


McConnell said his squad is “probably in the best shape” they have been in the four years the club has been running.

“Probably three-quarters of our group have run PBs in pre-season which is really encouraging and consistent with having had the group together over winter,” he said.

The team has been training in their gym alongside the Giants Netball squad, who are part of the same franchise and use the same facilities. McConnell said the two sides have both an “informal” and “formal” relationship and often collaborate with one another.


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