Bachelor viewers mock producers for hilarious photo shop fail

In an attempt to tone-down the all-the-rage G-string bikini bottoms some contestants donned during a group date, one of the show’s producers opted to shade in the parts of the women’s’ skin in the same colour as the fabric.

Others had their behinds stretched to create the illusion of full coverage as they stood gathered by a waterfall in Costa Rica.

The result, as pointed out by viewers, looked like it was done by someone who’d never used photoshop in their life:

You’re not fooling anyone here. Picture: Twitter.Source:Twitter

Looks like a definite paint application job to us. Picture: Twitter.

Looks like a definite paint application job to us. Picture: Twitter.Source:Twitter

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Bachelor fans didn’t waste any time in calling out the fail on Twitter, with many left confused by the choice to use such an obvious cover-up.

Others were baffled by the decision to mask the skin in the first place – one claiming, “Families have seen worse things than half of someone’s ass cheek.”

The great big coloured splotches employed to censor the contestants’ bottoms harked back to last year’s Bachelor in Paradise season, which saw Tenille Favios’ bum covered by the Ten Network with a big, black strip.

In the scene, Alex Nation and Bill Goldsmith were commenting on how “phenomenal” Tenille’s booty looked in her white, Brazilian-cut bikini before Channel 10’s censoring crew stepped in to block her behind.

Tenille, 26, had her back to the camera when Channel 10 blurred her behind with a black strip.

It came after viewers had taken to social media to complain about the “skimpy” bikinis worn by contestants on the reality show.

During the pearl-clutching uproar, host Osher Gunsberg even weighed in on the debate – coming to the defence of the ladies.

“I don’t understand why so many people are so confronted by the bikinis on this show,” Gunsberg posted to Twitter.

“If that’s what they want to wear, isn’t that OK?”

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