Woman claims she was overcharged for 500g of mince meat

Mandy, a Queensland mum, purchased 500g of beef mince from her local Woolworths store recently, and paid $7.50 for the packet.

But when she later weighed the meat on her kitchen scales at home, she discovered a big problem – the mince actually weighed just 262g.

She took to Facebook to slam the company alongside photos of the packet.

“Seriously Woolworths … I have been buying this mince like this for a while, and not cheap due to trying to cut out fat. I weighed it today and there is less than 300 grams in a supposed 500g pack!” she wrote.

“I paid $7.50 for 500 grams and got this! And yes my scales are fine I use them daily by (the) way. How many people are you ripping off (by) including the packaging weight?”

The shopper claims she got more than 200g less meat than she paid for. Picture: iStockSource:istock

Her post struck a chord with fellow social media users, who expressed their anger at the pricing issue.

“200g is a lot when you think about it! 200g could make a whole other plate,” one Facebook user wrote, while another posted: “Well that’s insane … it’s 200 grams out, almost half, so unacceptable!”

Some Facebook users claimed the absorbent pads at the bottom of meat packages were included in the total estimated weight, which could explain the discrepancy – although others argued that practice was unfair.

“The soak pads have to be included. because the juices from the mince soak into them. Not saying it should be 200g … but some of the weight from the mince will be there,” one person wrote, while Mandy replied: “And is this explained anywhere on the packaging? Still don’t think that pad is 240 grams worth either.”

Some Facebook users suggest shoppers insist on having items weighed in-store before purchasing – but others suggested boycotting the chain altogether and opting for local, independent butchers instead.

Woolworths responded to the shopper’s concerns on Facebook and confirmed it would investigate the matter.

“This is very disappointing to see, Mandy. We’re all about providing the freshest and highest quality products, so seeing you’ve received less mince than expected is concerning,” Woolworths posted.

Mandy posted pictures of the discrepancy. Picture: Facebook

Mandy posted pictures of the discrepancy. Picture: FacebookSource:Facebook

“We’d like to share this with the relevant team ASAP, can you please get back to us privately … with the store you’ve bought this from? We look forward to hearing from you soon.”

And a Woolworths spokesman told news.com.au the company took the claims seriously.

“We want our customers to shop with the confidence they’re getting what they’re paying for,” the spokesman said.

“We have a range of checks and balances in place to help ensure our products comply with trade measurement requirements.”

It is understood Woolworths products are audited regularly and checked for their compliance to net weight requirements, with commercial scales regularly recalibrated.

News.com.au contacted the customer for comment.


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