Measles warning after baby gets sick

NSW Health said the baby — who is too young to have been vaccinated — was recently visited by extended family from an area where there’s a current measles outbreak.

The baby was taken to Plumpton Marketplace food court on January 31 while infectious with NSW Health is urging people there at the same time to look out for measles symptoms until February 17.

The baby was taken to Plumpton Marketplace. Picture: Google MapsSource:Supplied

Western Sydney Local Health District director Dr Shopna Bag says people not immune to the highly contagious disease are at risk if they’ve been exposed to an infectious person.

“Anyone who develops symptoms should arrange to see their GP and call ahead to ensure they don’t wait in the doctor’s waiting room with other patients,” Dr Bag said in a statement on Wednesday.

NSW Health issued another warning on February 4 after a University of Sydney student was infected.

The woman, who had not recently travelled overseas, spent time at the University of Sydney’s Camperdown campus while infectious, including at a campus cafe on January 28.

Anyone who visited the Laneway cafe that day has been warned to stay alert for measles symptoms until mid-February.

And the Sydney baby isn’t the only infant to recently be infected by measles.

Victoria’s health department also confirmed a baby had contracted measles after travelling overseas.

The baby and a man in his 20s were highly infectious on their flights and at Melbourne Airport in late January after their trip to Nepal and the Philippines, authorities say.

The state health department confirmed on Wednesday the pair are recovering at home.

Symptoms include fever, coughing, runny nose and sore red eyes, followed by a red spotty rash that starts on the head and spreads down.


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