MAFS star breaks silence on ‘topless’ job

It follows a report in Woman’s Day which claimed the 26-year-old – who is listed as a financial analyst on the reality dating show – worked the secret side job under the alias “Sienna” and offered a “full nude experience” for $250 an hour.


Natasha made her debut on MAFS on Tuesday night, “marrying” Sydney-based operations manager Mikey Pembroke, 29.

Natasha’s ‘wedding’ aired on Tuesday night.Source:Channel 9

She addressed the magazine’s claims to the Daily Mail, explaining: “I’ve done bikini waitressing, but nothing nude.”

The reality TV star went on to defend women who do choose to work in those types of roles.

“I support all women who capitalise on the fact that they’re treated like sex objects,” she said.

“I think that in 2020 no one should be judged for jobs in which no one is being hurt.

‘I have absolutely no shame about my work as a dancer. I fully support all women working in the sex industry and I don’t have time for anyone who judges that. I embrace my sexuality and I am proud of my past.”

Natasha and Mikey appeared to hit it off during their first meeting at the end of the aisle on Tuesday night, with the groom describing her as “very attractive”.

While Natasha – who revealed she usually only dates older men – was initially worried that Mikey wouldn’t be “man enough” for her. But she changed her tune as they got to know each other throughout the day.

The couple seemed to get along during the reception.

The couple seemed to get along during the reception.Source:Channel 9

However, it seems the relationship might be over already for the pair, with Mikey showing up solo for an interview on Nova’s Fitzy and Wippa show this morning and trying to deflect when asked about the whereabouts of his “wife”.

“Mate, uh, look she’s not here at the moment, not sure why she couldn’t make it,” he responded, before changing the subject.

“Did she get up when you got up this morning?” Wippa pressed him, in an unsubtle attempt at tricking him into revealing whether they were still living together.

“Um, I’m not sure – oh, yes, yeah – I let her sleep in!” a flustered Mikey replied.

Married At First Sight continues at 7.30pm tonight on Nine.

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