Second Survivor: All Stars elimination sees another winner dropped

In a shock tribal council move, season four winner Jericho Malabonga had his torch snuffed just a day after season five winner Shane Gould’s brutal elimination.

The back-to-back eliminations mean the only two returning winners have become the first two to be kicked out – proving the All Stars aren’t taking any chances on crowned Survivor legends.

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With it becoming clear bubbly contestant Jericho would be a threat in the social aspect of the game, it was villainous player David Genat who orchestrated his take-down, convincing his allies to vote the flight attendant out ahead of Mat or Moana.

Jericho, certain it was Moana the opposing team would attempt to boot, made a failed attempt to coax AK and Phoebe to vote Daisy out instead.

Alas – while there was just two votes between them – Jericho’s clever game play and past success ultimately put him on the chopping block.

Jericho has become the second player evicted from Survivor: All Stars. Picture: Channel 10.Source:Channel 10

After winning the title of sole survivor – and $500,000 – in season four of Australian Survivor in 2017, 27-year-old Jericho Malabonga returned to face the elements.

But for Jericho, who became known as the “cookie monster” in his season after choosing cookies to eat himself over firewood for the whole tribe, his triumphant return was short lived.

“First time for everything,” the former winner joked as he was forced to leave the competition.

In discussing why he chose to return to Fiji, the loveable larrikin told Studio 10last month: “Honestly, I think I’m crazy. Who is their right mind would go back to get eaten by bugs and sleep in the rain – sleep with people who are backstabbers, to be honest.”

He had also warned that the new tactics he’d devised to beat the other all stars may not be “morally correct”.

Growing emotional at the tribal council tonight, however, Jericho made it clear he was struggling with the notion of blindsiding close friends made within the tribe.

Instead, it was he who was blindsided.

‘Cookie monster’ Jericho was sent packing tonight. Picture: Channel 10.

‘Cookie monster’ Jericho was sent packing tonight. Picture: Channel 10.Source:Channel 10

Shane Gould, who was booted from the tribe on Monday night, said she was disappointed to be the first All Star evicted, but added that given her win, she knew she had a target on her back.

“I was a past winner so I was an easy choice to get out,” she told

“The first vote is often the hardest because you haven’t yet worked out your alliances … sometimes you make the right call and in retrospect I probably should have aligned with Harry rather than try to get him out.”

She said she was looking forward to sticking around and playing the tactical game she’d become so good at.

“I would have liked to have stayed in longer because I like the camping and the argy bargy of strategies and alliances,” she told “I really quite enjoy that.”

As for who she thinks will win, Gould said, “Harry, my money’s on him”.

Survivor: All Stars continues 7.30pm Wednesday on Ten.

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