Tasmanian Premier resigns from top job

The 50-year-old Liberal made the unexpected announcement on Tuesday afternoon, citing the need to spend more time with family.

Mr Hodgman has been Premier for six years and has been a member of Tasmania’s parliament for 17 years.

In making his announcement, Mr Hodgman said it was time the party to take a new direction under different leadership.

“It’s just a wonderful thing to be part of a state that is prouder, more confident, more optimistic,” he said.

“And there’s a lot more to do and many Tasmanians who don’t feel as optimistic or as engaged and as involved in Tasmania’s prosperity, and that will drive the government

and our community further, no doubt.”

He said he is most proud of how far Tasmania has advanced under his leadership.

“But we’ve certainly come a long way, and I’ve been very proud to be part of that. So to leave that to others but, in some other way, play my role will be something I look forward to.”

Will Hodgman has resigned from his role as Tasmania’s Premier.Source:Supplied

He said it was fulfilling to leave the state’s economy as “the best-performing across the country”.

“What that means is not just about an economic result and a scorecard, but it means more jobs for people, more opportunity for Tasmanians.”

He said the decision was permanent and that he arrived at that decision after consultation with those closest to him.

“It’s never a right time or an easy time, but I go out at a time when I think that new leadership will be a positive thing for our state, and I go out knowing that Tasmania is a better place now than when we started,” he said.

“And I’m proud to have been part of a government that’s played its part in what is the turnaround state.”

Deputy Premier Jeremy Rockliff will replace Mr Hodgman until the party decides what to do next.


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