Farmers get $75,000 grants to start immediate bushfire rebuild

Farmers facing devastation from bushfires will be given up to $75,000 to immediately repair their properties and start rebuilding.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the $100 million grant program was “crucial” to rebuilding Australia’s primary production farmland, but he flagged more money could be on the way.

Sandy Wicks and her father Linton Vogel after fire ripped through Cudgewa in North Eastern Victoria.Credit:Paul Jeffers

“This is an estimate. It is not a cap. This will be a demand-driven program. If more is needed under the demand, then more will simply be paid without the need for any further decision,” he told reporters in Canberra on Tuesday.

The money will be sent to state governments and distributed through them to affected farms.


The funding will be backed up with $15 million for 60 rural financial counsellors, who will help farmers prepare for the coming rebuild.

Agriculture Minister Bridget McKenzie said the eligibility criteria will be “incredibly simple” because the goal was to get money into where it’s needed as soon as possible.


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