Celeste Barber has told people to pull their heads in

After calling out billionaires earlier this week, asking why they weren’t donating to her nearly $50 million fundraiser, the Instagram celebrity has told people to pull their heads in because of their “crazy” behaviour around the bushfire crisis.

Barber said there was stuff she needed to address that was “f***king nuts”, to do with her mother-in-law Joy Robin.

Ms Robin was filmed slamming the government for the response to the crisis as her town of Eden was being evacuated. She also commented how there was no ADF on the ground helping them.

Celeste Barber’s mother-in-law: “We’ve been abandoned”

Comedian Celeste Barber has posted footage of her mother-in-law’s anger at the lack of assistance from the government during the bushfire crisis.

“That video that was posted of my mother-in-law Joy, of my nearly 70-year-old mother-in-law, who was standing surrounded by out-of-control fires and then was bombarded by media to talk and she spoke,” Barber said.

“That video that has gone out of her absolutely petrified has now in some way backfired on her that is making me panic a bit.

“She was a 70-year-old woman who was scared. Her ‘attack’ in that video and her ‘plea’ and aggression was toward the lack of leadership, not in any way to the women and the men of the ADF.”

Celeste Barber apologises to the ADF.

Celeste Barber apologises to the ADF.Source:Supplied

Barber and her husband talk on social media.

Barber and her husband talk on social media.Source:Supplied

Barber said she thought that was clear but she understood why people thought it wasn’t, and that it looked like she was getting into the members of the ADF.

“I want to apologise to members of the ADF for any s**t that you guys are now f***king copping from people,” she said.

“I’m getting messages being told that people in the street are going up and spitting on members of the ADF.

“People, pull your f***king heads in. It’s not OK.”

Barber said she didn’t post the video for media and she said the family might now take it down.

“What I’m asking here is for people to be smart, don’t abuse members of the ADF for f***k’s sake. It’s crazy,” she said.

“And you have an apology here from me, straight up, for any distress caused from that video. That in now way was my intention, nor was it my mother-in-law’s. I hope this has cleared it up.”

Australian actress and comedian Celeste Barber.

Australian actress and comedian Celeste Barber.Source:News Regional Media

Earlier this week asked where the billionaires were for her Facebook fundraiser that’s gone global since Friday.

“Remember when Notre Dame burnt down – very sad, don’t get me wrong, RIP Notre Dame, historic building,” she said on social media this morning.

“And something like billions of dollars were raised, by I think like a handful of people. Where are those people now?

“Because I tell you what, every day people are donating $10 here, $10 there, that’s what’s getting us to now $40 million.”

She said if the billionaires donated their version of $10 it would be amazing.

“We need assistance, please billionaires,” she pleaded.

Billionaire James Packer and his family have donated $5 million among dozens of other celebrities and high profile people who have pitched in with direct donations.


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