Activist Greta Thunberg takes swipe at Aussie leaders

The teen, who celebrated her 17th birthday on January 3, took to Facebook earlier today to share a horrific image of a kangaroo fleeing flames as a fire engulfs a home.

In her caption, she offered words of support to Australian bushfire victims and also took aim at the government’s lack of action on climate change.

“Australia is on fire. And the summer there has only just begun. 2019 was a year of record heat and record drought. Today the temperature outside Sydney was 48.9°C,” she wrote.

Environmental activist Greta Thunberg says her “thoughts are with the people of Australia.” Picture: AP Photo/Jason DeCrowSource:News Regional Media

“500 million (!!) animals are estimated dead because of the bushfires. Over 20 people have died and thousands of homes have burned to ground. The fires have spewed 2/3 of the nations national annual CO2 emissions, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. The smoke has covered glaciers in distant New Zealand (!) making them warm and melt faster because of the albedo effect.

“And yet. All of this still has not resulted in any political action. Because we still fail to make the connection between the climate crisis and increased extreme weather events and nature disasters like the #AustraliaFires.”

Ms Thunberg said made an impassioned call for action.

“That has to change. And it has to change now,” she posted.

“My thoughts are with the people of Australia and those affected by these devastating fires.”

Within hours, her post has attracted thousands of likes, shares and comments.

“Thank you Greta. The situation here is horrendous. The smell and taste of ash is everywhere, the skies are black and blood red, even in the middle of the day, and the screams of dying animals can be heard throughout the bush,” one Facebook user wrote,

Another said: “It really says a lot about us as a species when a 16 year old has more intelligence, common sense and compassion than the world leaders. You give me hope for my children Greta, they just take that hope away and my heart breaks seeing this all over the news.”

“This must be the tipping point. It must. Everyone, find your humanity and email or call your politicians and scream in their ears to ACT NOW in your country. We’re at the gate … now or never. ACT.”

She joins a slew of other global figures who have sent messages of support to Australians, including the royal family, actress Bette Midler, pop star P! nk and countless others.


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