Fire disaster: woman’s desperate attempt to save her home

India MacDonnell, 19, filmed the terrifying moment she rushed headfirst into the fires with only a small hose, flames already licking at her home.

The Goongerah local filmed everything on a GoPro as she desperately tried to tackle the flames threatening her Victorian home on Monday.

“It was absolute hell,” the teen shared on social media.

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India fought to defend her home alongside her father, Shaun MacDonnell, she shared on Facebook.

“My father and I took a side of the house each, fighting off the embers that managed to spread incredibly fast straight up the hill we live on,” she posted on Instagram.

“The damage that was done to our property is insane, absolutely everything is burnt.”

Thankfully, India and her father managed to save their family home.

“To everyone out there who are under threat, get out if you can, stay safe, keep hydrated, and just bloody take care!!!” India shared.

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A wall of flames moved through the area, destroying everything in its path. Picture: InstagramSource:Instagram

India shared a photo of one of the benches on their property that survived the flames. Picture: Instagram

India shared a photo of one of the benches on their property that survived the flames. Picture: InstagramSource:Instagram

Sharing a series of haunting images on social media – showing only flames visible through clouds of thick black smoke and animal carcasses strewn across roadways – India told her followers, “The whole town is a complete mess, so so sooo much has burnt and every few minutes you can hear more and more trees falling in the distance, it’s very loud and haunting …

“We were somewhat prepared for something like this, but it’s still such an unbelievable sight and feeling,” she added.

“My heart goes out to everyone else who has and is still dealing with this disaster.”

India’s hometown of Goongerah, with a population of 60 people, was one of the towns hit by the killer blazes that have razed 1300 homes and businesses and destroyed more than 3.6 million hectares of land.

On Thursday, as forecast conditions for the coming days deteriorated, Premier Daniel Andrews declared a state of disaster in Victoria and told people they should get out of East Gippsland and the state’s northeast immediately.

“If you can leave, then you must leave. We face unprecedented risk to life and property in coming days,” he told reporters.

“If you don’t, we simply cannot guarantee your safety.”


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