Bank of Queensland raises nearly $90m in oversubscribed offer

Bank of Queensland has successfully raised nearly $90 million from its retail shareholders after completing an oversubscribed share placement plan.

The completion of the retail offer means the bank has now raised $339.7 million from investors following a $250 million institutional placement earlier in December. The bank had been originally looking to raise $25 million from its retail investors.

Bank of Queensland chief executive George Frazis is all smiles and why not after raising nearly $340 million from shareholders in an oversubscribed capital raising.

Bank of Queensland plans to use the capital raised to strengthen its balance sheet and provide an increased buffer above its capital ratio requirements set by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority. It will also use some of the capital to implement its strategic priorities.

Under the retail offer, around 12.3 million ordinary shares will be issued at $7.27 a share, representing a small, 2 per cent discount to the five-day volume weighted average price of Bank of Queensland’s existing shares between December 16 and December 20.


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