Cops borrow family’s jet ski to catch ‘dangerous’ boatie

Police received multiple calls just before 6am on Wednesday about a man in a small boat along the Nerang River, who was allegedly driving dangerously and behaving badly.

Queensland Police said officers spent more than an hour on the banks of the river trying to get the boat driver to pull up to the shore, but he allegedly continued to speed off.

In footage posted online by police, an officer is heard repeatedly calling on the driver to stop.

A nearby local family saw what was going on and offered up their jet ski so an officer could pursue the boat.

Brothers Max, Matthew and Ben Townley, and their cousin Hugo, noticed the man allegedly behaving erratically on the canal.

“I walked down to the deck as soon as I woke up and then police came over to me and I realised what was happening,” Matthew told Today.

“I just looked down and saw this guy driving his tinnie with his Christmas lights on … just crashing into jetties. It was crazy. He was doing circles and yelling out random things.”

“He was being a bit of a nuisance and a threat to the public,” added his brother Max.

“So we offered them the jet ski and they cornered him into the canal behind us and a police team on land took him into custody.”

Brothers Max, Matthew and Ben Townley, and their cousin Hugo, helped police stop a man who was allegedly driving dangerously along the Nerang River. Picture: Channel 9/TodaySource:Channel 9

After a short pursuit through the canals, the officer on the jet ski was able to guide the driver to shore where he was met by more police.

Police arrested the 46-year-old Broadbeach Waters man, who allegedly had drugs in the boat when he was caught.

The alleged drugs have been taken by police for analysis.

He will appear in the Southport Magistrates Court on Friday.

Police later gave a shout-out to the family in a statement, saying: “Police would like to thank the family that helped officers on the day, a true Christmas gift.”


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