Cricket Australia to consider DRS for BBL, but not this season

Finch, also captain of reigning BBL champions the Melbourne Renegades, said on Wednesday that he was keen to see DRS introduced.

“100 per cent agree with it, I think we should have one review, similar to internationals and ODI cricket. There’s so much riding on games and you know how much of an impact one ball can have or one decision can have,” Finch said.

“I think we’ve come far enough and there’s enough time in the game to have a 90-second strategy break.

Aaron Finch thinks bringing DRS into the Big Bash League would not slow things down too much.Credit:AAP

“So, to me it would make sense so I’m not sure how that looks logistically or financially for the Big Bash but I’d like to see it in.


“There’s time for boundaries up when you’re looking for balls an inch in front of behind the rope and stuff like that so I still think that you can find some time for one unsuccessful DRS. I don’t think it takes a huge amount of time, personally.”

However he suggested it was probably too late for the technology to be brought in for this season.

“It might be a bit late for it now. Maybe once everyone’s played an equal number of games potentially. But again the logistics of it I’ve got no idea. I do know it’s a decent financial cost to run that system around to each ground but I think in the future it’s something we definitely have to look at and to implement.”

Speaking at the launch of a Toyota campaign to fund kits for grassroots girls’ cricket, Roberts said Finch had a point but ruled out the use of DRS technology this season.

“We’ll review the BBL in the ordinary course at the end of the season. I was really happy to see the opening match last night and to watch that from home, the first tactical timeout as well,” Roberts said.

“I think Aaron makes a really good point, and also a really good question about DRS. We’re not going to be looking at that right now but like all things cricket, as each season passes we review and we consider how we can improve and I think Aaron makes a fair point and one that we would consider going forward.”

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