Brisbane man fatally stabbed lover’s jealous hubby

Darren James Lawler, 37, pleaded guilty to Paul Shannon Andrews’ manslaughter on July 27, 2018, after Mr Andrews, 41, confronted Lawler outside his Mango Hill home.

Drunk, drug-affected and suspicious his partner, Tiffany Baker, was having an affair, Mr Andrews hid in the darkness behind trees waiting for Lawler, the Brisbane Supreme Court heard.

“What the f*** is my missus doing here?” prosecutor Chris Cook told the court Mr Andrews bellowed when Lawler emerged from his unit with Ms Baker.

Darren Lawler pleaded guilty to stabbing Paul Andrews.Source:Supplied

“Mr Andrews was enraged over the belief Lawler and Ms Baker had been having sex, which was, of course, correct.” The two men began fighting before Lawler wrestled Andrews into a headlock and said “I’ll stab you c***,” Mr Cook said.

Lawler then pulled out a military-style knife and “forcefully” slashed Mr Andrews five times in the chest, neck, back and skull, fracturing it. Two wounds near his heart were found to be fatal after Mr Andrews bled to death. “If he didn’t have the knife, it’s extremely unlikely Mr Andrews wouldn’t be dead,” Mr Cook said.

Police initially charged a blood-covered Lawler, who fled back inside his home when Mr Andrews stood up after being knifed, with murder.

But on Thursday he pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter, which the Crown accepted.

Lawler was sentenced to eight years in prison.

Lawler was sentenced to eight years in prison.Source:Supplied

Mr Andrew’s mother, Yvonne Andrews, told the court her son’s death haunted her family and she was heartbroken his three children no longer have a father. “I have constant nightmares about the brutality of Paul’s death,” she said reading her victim impact statement to the court.

“Now there is nothing but isolation and extreme grief for the entire family.”

Lawler was sentenced to eight years in prison. He will be eligible for parole after serving 80 per cent of the term.


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