First review of Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker

The Rise of Skywalker officially concludes the so-called “Skywalker saga” of films begun by George Lucas in 1977.

The film is expected to get up to $225 million at the US box office this weekend, making it one of the biggest openings in movie history.

A scene from Rise of Skywalker showing Rey and Kylo Ren facing off. Picture: APSource:AP

Disney chief Bob Iger said that fans would get “some kind of closure, some sense of satisfaction” for their favourite characters.

“Star Wars is probably the most important, most valuable mythology of our time, of the modern time,” he said.

“If you just consider the global base of fans that have worshipped this storytelling since 1977, over 40 years … tonight being a culmination of nine films is an incredibly important night.”

The first (spoiler free) review will be available from 11.30pm on Wednesday.

Bookmark this page and come back later for Leigh Paatsch’s review.

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