Qantas cabin ‘filled with smoke’

Qantas flight QF575 took off from Sydney Aiport at around 8.45am (AEDT) Sunday morning.

It was forced to return to the airport after the issue was detected, touching back down shortly before 9.30am.

The plane landed safely but was unable to taxi and had to be towed to the gate.

Emergency slides were deployed for passengers evacuating the plane. Picture: Dillon Parker/TwitterSource:Twitter

Upon arriving back the gate, the captain decided to evacuate the Airbus A330-200 as a precaution, and passengers exited the plane through emergency slides, as well as the normal exit doors, according to a statement from Qantas.

At least one passenger reported the cabin filling with smoke before passengers were told to evacuate.

Engineers are now inspecting the aircraft and Qantas said it will release more information later today.


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