Flyers tune up for Canberra clash with dominant win over Townsville

The Fire were competitive for much of the game but simply couldn’t match the shooting and up-tempo offence of the Flyers who took full control of the game in the third term ending all doubt over the contest.

Opals forward Darcee Garbin was excellent for the Fire with 28 points but none of her teammates could keep up their scoring although import Bridget Carleton had nine points in a strong first half before receiving closer coverage.

Flyers forward Blicavs, who had 13 points and eight rebounds, said her side was forming a stronger understanding with each game, but knew a huge challenge lay ahead in Canberra.

Bec Cole launches Melbourne Flyers into attack. Credit:Mick Connolly

“It’s nice we could rest the main minute-players a little bit as Canberra will be tough, they are the only team who have beaten us on our home court this season,” Blicavs said.

“I think we are finding more trust and confidence with each other. Having that connection helps as you know where they will be, where their shots will be and it makes offensive rebounding easier too. We are just having fun.”

The Flyers, who were without back-up point guard Aimie Clydesdale, have heavily played their starters for large parts of games but coach Cheryl Chambers has been gradually bringing the likes of Rowe and Maley into the rotation and their confidence is building while Steph Reid, Louella Tomlinson, Rebecca Pizzey and Saraid Taylor all saw good minutes on Friday.

The Flyers bench have quickly developed a number of celebration routines like shooting invisible arrows when someone makes a three and Blicavs admitted the starters struggled to match that energy in the last term.

“I’ve said it from the start our bench is the best in the league and following what they do is tough,” Blicavs said. “It was so nice to see them all get on for solid minutes and having them hold their own and keep the lead. Hopefully it gives us all some confidence going into Canberra.”

Southside Flyers play Canberra Capitals in Canberra on Sunday at 5pm.


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