Andy Murray’s preparations disrupted by pelvic bone bruising

Sources suggested that he could still train in the gym, but was unable to practise on the court. This is not yet seen as a major problem given that there are still three weeks to go before the ATP Cup.

Murray is planning to use that new team event as his warm-up for the Australian Open, which begins on January 20.

Andy Murray has changed his training schedule because of pelvic bone bruising.Credit:Getty Images

Murray acknowledged last month, during the publicity campaign for Amazon Prime’s recent movie about his hip operation, that he was uncertain how serious the groin problem might be.

‘‘It [the bone bruise] is mild, so it shouldn’t be long. But with injuries, I know not to listen to everything you’re told, time frame-wise.’’


Murray is the first man to attempt to play elite singles tennis with a metal hip. And as his fitness trainer Matt Little said: ‘‘There has been no blueprint for this. It’s his other hip, his shoulders, his back, his knees – all these other things will all bear the brunt of competition. They will be working even harder to support that right hip.’’

Murray used his last protected ranking to enter the ATP Cup. At No.126 in the world, he is slightly too low to earn automatic entry to the main draw of the Australian Open.

He has also announced that he is entering the Open Sud de France, a 250-point event held in Montpellier from February 3 to 12. Given that the Australian Open only finishes on February 2, the implication is that he is not expecting to play in this year’s final.

Telegraph, London


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