A famous talk show host appeared in two episodes of SATC before he was famous

Andy Cohen, host of Watch What Happens Live and brainchild behind the Real Housewives franchise appeared in two episodes of the series in separate seasons.

As pointed out by popular Instagram account Every Outfit on SATC, Cohen first appeared as a topless club-goer ordering drinks next to Sarah Jessica Parker’s character Carrie in season four.

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His second gig on the show was in season six.

The scene below was from the episode “Let There Be Light,” in which he played an unnamed shoe salesman who helps Carrie out on a trip to a department store.

The throwback Instagram post prompted fans to express their surprise over the titbit, with many exclaiming that they’d never noticed him pop up before, even when re-watching the series.

Others called it a “full circle moment” as SJP and Cohen are now noted close friends, with Cohen backing the star in her recent feud with Kim Cattrall.

Cohen himself shared a snap from his small role as a topless bar patron last year, telling fans that the quick shot can only be seen in the DVD version, not the episode that aired on TV in 2002.

Since working together on the show, SJP has become a close friend of Cohen’s, and has appeared on Watch What Happens Live several times since SATC wrapped.

Cohen joins a long list of SATC guest stars including Justin Theroux, Bradley Cooper, Elizabeth Banks, Lucy Liu and more.

The sharpshooting talk show host is known for extracting gossip from the most tight-lipped celebrities.

This year alone, he had Anjelica Huston make a racy claim about Jack Nicholson, Vampire Diaries actor Ian Somerhalder utter a surprising on-air sex confession, and had his own fair share of uncomfortable celebrity encounters.

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