At least 27 Aussies missing in NZ volcano disaster

Among the missing are five people from Queensland; 11 from NSW, including three from Coffs Harbour; one from Victoria; three from South Australia; one from Western Australia, a boy, 7; one from Canberra; another five were listed as being from Australia.

The names of the missing Australians on the New Zealand Red Cross website Restoring Family Links late tonight Australian time lists the following Australians as having been reported missing by family or friends following the disaster:

  • Amy Miall, 30, of Brisbane
  • Anthony Langford, 51, of North Sydney
  • Gary Woolley, of Sydney
  • Gavin Brian Dallow, 53, of Adelaide
  • James Whitehouse, 23, of Brisbane
  • Jane Murray, 56, of Sydney
  • Jason David Griffiths, 33, of Coffs Harbour NSW
  • Jesse Langford, 19, of North Sydney
  • Jessica Richards, 20, of Australia
  • Julie Richards, 47, of Australia
  • Karen Brechin, 62, of Townsville Queensland
  • Karla Michelle Mathews, 32, of Coffs Harbour NSW
  • Kristine Langford, Australia
  • Madeleine Whitehouse, 24, of Brisbane
  • Mathew Thomas, 31, of Tamworth NSW
  • Maureen Jones, 68, of Bathurst NSW
  • Mitchell James O’Shea, of Canberra
  • Richard Aaron Elzer, 32, of Coffs Harbour NSW
  • Robert Rogers, 78, of Herberton Queensland
  • Samson Tamaliunas, 12, of Western Australia
  • Stuart Raymond Trott, 45, of Melbourne
  • Tarli Sky Tonks, 14, of Tasmania
  • Winona Langford, 17, of North Sydney
  • Ziggy Viero, 7, Australia
  • Zoe Hosking, 15, of Adelaide.

There were two more Australians on the list who were only registered by their first names: Shane, 46, of Newcastle NSW; and Lisa, 48, of Adelaide.

Another four Australians have been registered on the site as “I am alive”: Shane Burgess, 45, of Newcastle NSW; Maree Fish, 46, of Brisbane; Eloise Kirk, 35, of NSW; Ian David Jorgensen, of Penrith NSW.

White Island Tour operators rescue people minutes after the volcano on New Zealand’s White Island erupted. Picture: AFP/Michael SchadeSource:AFP

Police in New Zealand say they do not believe any survivors will be found.

“Based on the information we have, we do not believe there are any survivors on the island,” NZ police said in a statement.

“Police believe that anyone who could have been taken from the island alive was rescued at the time of the evacuation.”

The view came after police and rescue aircraft performed a number of reconnaissance flights over White Island after the eruption.

The Family Links website says New Zealand Red Cross will respond to inquiries that have been registered on the website as soon as they are able.

New Zealand Red Cross is working with New Zealand Police to respond to this disaster.

Should you want to register someone missing or someone safe, go to

If you have any questions about your inquiry or the Restoring Family Links service contact the New Zealand Red Cross Restoring Family Links Team via email:



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