Besart Berisha, Mark Rudan bury the hatchet after Western United’s win over Melbourne Victory

“It was a really difficult situation. A lot was said, a lot. We talked [about] a lot of things.

“But this week I am happy, there was so much love.

“We were back to the vibe we had in the beginning, like a team, like a family.

“It wasn’t one [thing], it was everybody. We reminded each other to really support, especially the older guys, what is really really important in football.

“You can lose games, that’s something you cannot change, but one thing you can change is to keep the environment, keep going, not lose each other, to stick together.

“Today I really thought that there was a lot of love.”

Berisha made a point of hugging Rudan after his second goal.

“It was a little bit of love, you have to show a little bit of love,” he joked.

It was the second time in two meetings that Western have got the better of Victory and the second time they have scored three goals against the former champions, but this time the circumstances were very different.

“It was really really important for us. For me too. It was a really tough situation. We tried to stay positive in training.

“My frustration was more that I am really angry that I cannot step up and help the team.

“It’s not like I want to show aggression to the coach, this coach employs me. There’s nothing between me and the coach. He brought me here, he wants me, he shows me so much love to bring me to this club. I have no problem with him at all.

“My problem is if I get subbed and I could not give my teammates help, then I get upset, you know.”

Rudan said he had no problem with Berisha and his combative attitude.

“Bes is getting fitter and stronger. Besart hasn’t played a lot of football [leading up to this season after a disappointing spell in Japan].


“It takes a bit of time. Bes is a winner, he’s a competitor.

“Through the week when you are doing set pieces … where the players go through the motions, players are not always switched on, but he’s the one who drives it, he makes sure everyone is on their toes, he makes sure everyone’s picking up, makes sure that everyone’s attitude is correct.”

Rudan said Berisha was still coming to terms with his new role; he is older, not yet fully fit and will be rotated at times.

“He needs to understand the last 12-18 months for him have not gone the way he wished. He needs to understand that we will look after him.

“He needs to change parts of his game to be more effective for us in our game plan.”

But Rudan would not trade him for anyone.

“Hes got a likeability factor as far a I am concerned, he is everyone’s arch-enemy and I like that.”

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